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Pamela Park Field Preparation to Prevent Injury

EGFA is committed to reducing the risk of injury to our players and our opponents from surrounding communities by ensuring our fields are properly prepared and safe. To honor our commitment to our players and Suburban League requirements, EGFA has purchased field maintenance equipment stored at Pamela Park to properly prepare the fields and reduce the risk of injury.  The link below describes proper field maintenance guidelines.

Player Preparation to Prevent Injury

Additionally, even though we consider Fastpitch Softball a non-contact sport, injuries occur from direct contact with a bat, a ball, and another player. Also of concern are overuse injuries to the shoulder and elbow from the repetitive nature of the game. Although we cannot prevent all injuries we can try and reduce them by making sure players have properly prepared before the season starts, that appropriate equipment is used, and by focusing on the proper techniques of the game.

Sports Injury Information

Help identify and prevent concussions.  Coaches are required to complete the CDC concussion training course once every three years.  Parents and athletes are encouraged to complete this training as well located in the Coachezzz Corner. 

Parent and Player Pledge

The EGFA seeks to promote good sportsmanship and a safe and healthy environment for our players.  We require that each family participating in the Edina fastpitch program complete a Parent Pledge.  We also require that every player in our program compete a Player Pledge.  Please sign these forms and return them to your coach or team manager.