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Player Photos

Annual Player and Team Photos

Mark your calendar for team photos! We will take all  Edina Softball team photos Saturday, May 13th at the Edina Mayfly Tournament.   
A schedule will be sent to coaches with each team's specific photo time. Photo packages will be available for purchase, but are not required.


2023 Edina Softball team pictures

Time Team Coach Location
9:00 AM 6U Rec - Black Alex Raine Pamela
9:15 AM 6U Rec - Hornets Ben Collins Pamela
9:30 AM 6U Rec - Sting Jay Higgins Pamela
9:45 AM 6U Rec - Green Dan Signorelli Pamela
10:00 AM 6U Rec - Gold Rob Worthington Pamela
10:15 AM 6U Rec - White Chelsea Dick Pamela
10:30 AM 10U Travel - Hornets Matt Norman Pamela
10:45 AM 10U Rec - White Robert Bunchek Pamela
11:00 AM 10U Rec - Green Kate Ecklund Pamela
11:15 AM 10U Rec - Gold Sophie Moser Pamela
11:30 AM 8U Rec - Black Eric Fischer Pamela
11:45 AM 8U Rec - Sting Charles Krzyzek Pamela
12:00 PM 8U Rec - Hornets Kate & Eric Kirchner Pamela
12:15 PM 8U Rec - Green Katie Sieben Pamela
12:30 PM 10U Travel - Black Nicole Danielsen Pamela
12:45 PM 10U Travel - Sting Nikki Johnson Pamela
1:00 PM Travel    
1:15 PM Travel    
1:30 PM Travel    
1:45 PM 12U Rec - Hornets Ian Campbell Van Valkenburg
2:00 PM 12U Travel - Black Hannah Johnson Van Valkenburg
2:15 PM 12U Travel - Sting Kenzie Cox Van Valkenburg
2:30 PM 8U Travel - Hornets Ian Banks Van Valkenburg
2:45 PM 8U Travel - Sting Ron Johnson Van Valkenburg
3:00 PM 8U Travel - Black Jon Nymo Van Valkenburg


If you should have any questions please reach out to your daughter's coach.