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Player Photos

Player and Team Photos

Every Spring and Summer Season EGFA works with a Photo Vendor to schedule Player and Team photos.  Traditionally we schedule these photo sessions on the Saturday of the Annual Edina Mayfly Tournament.  

Team photo times are scheduled after the Annual Edina Mayfly game schedule has been created approximately 3 weeks prior to the Annual Edina Mayfly Tournament.  

If you should have any questions please reach out to your daughter's coach.

2020 Team Photo Schedule (Saturday, May 9th @ Van Valkenburg Park)

Each team will have 15 minutes with Linhoff to complete team photos.  Here is the schedule:

9:30 am - 12U Green

9:45 am - 8U Sting

10:00 am - 10U Green

10:15 am - 12U Hornets

10:30 am - 10U Hornets

10:45 am - 12U Sting

11:00 am - 8U Green

11:15 am - 8U Hornets

11:30 am - 10U Sting

If there is a rain out, we will use Sunday, May 12th as a backup.


Photo Order Form: