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Tryouts and Team Formation

Tryouts and Team Formation

All 2023 team rosters are updated and listed under the "teams" tab of this website. All players also received an email with a link to their team roster. Coaches will also reach out with more details on the season soon. 

Edina Fastpitch Uniforms – Order Now

Now is the time to get ready for the season by ordering your team jerseys and checking all the gear you have at home to ensure it will work for you again this year.

Fastpitch Uniform Store
All 10U and 12U travel players must order their 2023 team jerseys from the official Edina Softball Uniform store by March 25th. Players need to customize their jersey with name and assigned Edina Softball number. If you’re new to fastpitch, you have an assigned number. See the link below to find out your number Click this link to enter the Edina Fastpitch Jersey and Uniform Store. 

Order more fun team gear from our Edina Softball Spirit store by clicking here Edina Softball All Team Store 

Don't know your player's assigned number? Click here to search

Recreational Softball Player Uniform Store

All Recreational Softball players must order their 2023 team jerseys from the official Edina Softball Uniform store by March 25th. Players need to customize their jersey with name and assigned Edina Softball number. Click this link to enter the Rec Softball uniform store. If you don't know your number, use the link below to search for your player.

Don't know your player's assigned number? Click here to search

Edina Softball All Team Store 
Click this link to enter the All Edina Softball Team Store 

Edina Softball team store has optional fun Edina Softball gear for players, coaches and fans. Check out the new Edina Softball hoodie with an embroidered design. You can customize it with your name and number! Click on each item to see multiple color choices and personalization options. All orders must be in by March 25th !  
If you have questions about uniforms, jersey numbers or the team stores, please reach out to Joanna  at

We have uniform assistance available if needed.

If you have questions about tryouts or team formation, reach out to Nikki at


Summer Spring Travel Fastpitch Player Tryout Information (10U and 12U only)

The following information describes the Player Tryout and Team Formation process:

  • All players are required to stay through their entire assigned Group tryout session.
  • Tryouts are closed to parents.

This year we are excited to partner with Flexxball for player evaluations. 

The evaluators have the knowledge necessary to evaluate a player's skills. Players will be evaluated on running, infield, outfield, throwing accuracy, and hitting and bunting skills. Pitching and catching skills are evaluated separately. 

Once tryouts have been completed, teams will be formed to create as many competitive teams as we have players based on like abilities. We often host a "second look" by inviting some players to come back for further evaluation from coaching staff. 

Head coaches of teams will be determined after tryouts.

All coaches and team managers will be required to complete a background check and online concussion training (please see Certification under the Coachezzz menu).

Questions should be directed to Nikki Johnson ( who is leading the Player Evaluation Committee.

Prior notice must be given if a player will miss the regular try-out session. A make-up session will only be used if a conflict is unavoidable. Please make every effort to try-out on the evaluation date.

Team Selection

6U & 8U teams are formed based on school and friend requests.

10U & 12U Travel Teams are selected based on the following: 

The intent of EGFA for its Travel program is to field the most competitive travel teams possible. In order to accomplish this, players must participate in a skill evaluation and selection process.

Selection from eligible players based on tryouts (see tryout criteria)

Players desiring to “play up” if the guidelines are met

Players from outside the eligibility area if needed to field a team (see eligibility)

Coaches available

Team selection is the ultimate decision of the Board. A committee may be appointed to review tryouts and all other available information and select teams, subject to Executive Board approval. This committee may include potential coaches at that age group but will always include at least one Board member (without daughters at that age group) to ensure a fair process is followed in team selection.

14U teams are formed based on number of girls registered

Player Tryout (10U and 12U travel teams)

Player Evaluations (Tryouts) are complete and teams are formed.


Playing Up

Playing in another age group is not permitted except for circumstances approved by the governing Board.

If players are needed at the next age level as a result of position play (i.e.: pitcher, catcher) or team size, the Board will identify player(s) to be invited to play up. Consideration will be made regarding impact to teams at the player’s actual age level.

The Board can make exceptions to the above on a case-by-case basis. Any changes must be approved by majority vote of the Board members, excluding any Board member parent of the player. 

A new team will not necessarily be created in order to accommodate players at the higher age level.

After evaluations (tryouts), the Board will take all information into consideration and make a final decision.