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Tryouts and Team Formation

Summer Spring Travel Fastpitch Player Tryout Information (10U and above)

The following information describes the Player Tryout and Team Formation process:

All tryouts will take place at the Edina High School Fieldhouse.

  • Tryout schedule times by Player Group assignments are listed below.
  • All players are required to stay through their entire assigned Group tryout session.
  • Tryouts are closed to parents.

A team of impartial evaluators provided by Mission Fastpitch will evaluate each player's softball skills. The evaluators will be people who have the knowledge necessary to evaluate a player's skills. Evaluators will not be related to any of the tryout participants involved at their assigned age level. Players will be evaluated on running, infield, outfield, throwing accuracy, and hitting and bunting skills. Pitching and catching skills are evaluated separately. 

Once tryouts have been completed, teams will be formed to create as many competitive teams as we have players based on like abilities.

Head coaches of teams will be determined after tryouts.

All coaches and team managers will be required to complete a background check and online concussion training (please see Certification under the Coachezzz menu).

Questions should be directed to the EGFA Player Evaluation Committee.

Prior notice must be given if a player will miss the regular try-out session. A make-up session will only be used if a conflict is unavoidable. Please make every effort to try-out on the evaluation date.

Player Tryout Dates, Times & Location:

All activities below will be at the Edina High School (EHS) Fieldhouse located at the rear of EHS.  Please enter door 6 of EHS.

Friday 3/4, 6:00-8:30pm – Open Gym

Open gym individual practice time prior to tryouts.  Hitting machine and balls will be available.

Player Tryout Group Assignments - Saturday 3/5

Saturday 3/5, 1:45-7:00pm – Tryouts 

Check-in will begin 15 minutes before each Group session listed below.  Please arrive prior to your scheduled start time below.

Note: pitchers and catchers in groups 1 and 3 will end 30 minute later and pitchers in groups 2 and 4 start 30 minutes early.

10U Tryout Schedule:

  • Group 1: 2:00pm - 3:30pm 
  • Group 2: 3:00pm - 4:30pm
  • Group 1: pitchers/catchers: 3:30pm - 4:00pm
  • Group 2: pitchers/catchers: 2:30pm - 3:00pm

12U Tryout Schedule:

  • Group 3: 4:00pm - 5:30pm
  • Group 4: 5:00pm - 6:30pm
  • Group 3: pitchers/catchers: 5:30pm - 6:00pm
  • Group 4: pitchers/catchers: 4:30pm - 5:00pm

10U Girls Group Assignments

Group 1 Group 2 Makeup Group
# Name Position # Name Position # Name Position
1 Alice Babcock Infield 21 Tessa Carlson Catcher 76 Evelyn Sandquist Infield
2 Esme Basile Catcher 22 Lauren Connell Catcher
3 Clara Bastian Infield 23 Lucy Kohlstedt Infield
4 Mia Broderick Infield 24 Sloane Kohlstedt Infield
5 Darcy Crowley Infield 25 Rose Libby Infield
6 Zoey Danielsen Pitcher 27 Molly McGovern Infield
7 Penny Figueroa Pitcher 28 Jenna Meyer Pitcher
8 Alexis Hansen Infield 29 Elin Miller Infield
10 Cece Hartwell Pitcher 30 Lilian Miller Pitcher
11 Holland Hebert Pitcher/Catcher 31 Sophie Montgomery Catcher
12 Amelia Hemmerling Catcher 33 Morgan Page Pitcher/Catcher
13 Sophie Hornig Infield 34 Lillian Prange Infield
15 Madeleine Johnson Pitcher 35 Celia Schoen Pitcher
14 Campbell Johnson Pitcher 36 Lila Schwalen Pitcher
26 Lauren Lommel Infield 37 Emme Simmons Pitcher
16 Jessica Lopez Pitcher 38 Audrey Skibbie Catcher
17 Bella Loucks Pitcher 39 Melody Statz Pitcher
18 Kathryn Norman Infield 40 Daphne Thompson Infield
19 Luella Sigstad Pitcher 80 Charlotte Warner Pitcher
20 Vivian Vogel Catcher 78 Petra Wendorf Infield
32 Charley Olson Infield 77 Serena West Infield
79 Kate Yocum Pitcher
9 Paisley Harding Pitcher/Catcher

12U Girls Group Assignments

Group 3 Group 4 Makeup Group
# Name Position # Name Position # Name Position
41 Lillian Abdo Infield 58 Winifred Feyder Outfield 73 Gianna Gustin Catcher
42 Lyla Blazovich Infield 59 Rory Knier Pitcher/Catcher 74 Avery Hawkinson Pitcher
43 Lydia Boudjouk Pitcher 60 Evelyn McInroy Outfield 75 Vivian Perkins Pitcher
44 Claire Burger Pitcher 61 Jaden Miller Infield
45 Leah Burnham Catcher 62 Hannah Newcomb Catcher
46 Lucie Cooper Infield 63 Mazelyn Northenscold Catcher
47 Stella Fee Catcher 64 Sigrid Nymo Catcher
48 Audrey Ferderer Infield 65 Vivien Ogle Pitcher
49 Lauren Ganley Catcher 66 Mia Rivera Catcher
50 Stella Ganley Pitcher 67 Isabella Rohlfsen Infield
51 Vivian Geisz Outfield 68 Ella Sauter Infield
52 Megan Greenberg Infield 69 Layla Scoll Catcher
53 Vivian Helferich Catcher 70 Evelyn Wenner Infield
54 Jolie Hustrulid Infield 71 Hazel Wenner Infield
55 Lilly Johnson Infield 72 Kinley Ziegler Infield
56 Ellen Kennedy Catcher
57 Reese Koranda Catcher

Player Callback Assignments by Age Group


Sunday 3/6, 12:30-4:30pm – Call-backs

      10U Final Evaluation Schedule

  • 12:30pm - 1:30pm
  • 2:30pm - 3:30pm

12U Final Evaluation Schedule

  • 1:30pm - 2:30pm
  • 3:30pm -4:30pm
10U Group 1 - 12:30-1:25
1 - Babcock, Alice 2 - Basile, Esme 6 - Danielsen, Zoey
7 - Figueroa, Penny 8 - Hansen, Alexis 10 - Hartwell, Cece
12 - Hemmerling, Amelia 13 - Hornig, Sophie 25 - Libby, Rose
17 - Loucks, Bella 30 - Miller, Lilian 18 - Norman, Kathryn
76 - Sandquist, Evelyn 35 - Schoen, Celia 36 - Schwalen, Lila
38 - Skibbie, Audrey 20 - Vogel, Vivian
12U Group 1 - 1:30-2:25
42 - Blazovich, Lyla 43 - Boudjouk, Lydia 45 - Burnham, Leah
49 - Ganley, Lauren 50 - Ganley, Stella 52 - Greenberg, Megan
74 - Hawkinson, Avery 53 - Helferich, Vivian 54 - Hustrulid, Jolie
55 - Johnson, Lilly 59 - Knier, Rory 57 - Koranda, Reese
60 - McInroy, Evelyn 61 - Miller, Jaden 62 - Newcomb, Hannah
64 - Nymo, Sigrid 67 - Rohlfsen, Isabella 68 - Sauter, Ella
70 - Wenner, Evelyn 71 - Wenner, Hazel
10U Group 2 - 2:30-3:25
3 - Bastian, Clara 4 - Broderick, Mia 21 - Carlson, Tessa
22 - Connell, Lauren 5 - Crowley, Darcy 81 - Grennan, Elise
9 - Harding, Paisley 11 - Hebert, Holland 14 - Johnson, Campbell
15 - Johnson, Madeleine 23 - Kohlstedt, Lucy 24 - Kohlstedt, Sloane
26 - Lommel, Lauren 16 - Lopez, Jessica 27 - McGovern, Molly
28 - Meyer, Jenna 29 - Miller, Elin 31 - Montgomery, Sophie
32 - Olson, Charley 33 - Page, Morgan 34 - Prange, Lillian
19 - Sigstad, Luella 37 - Simmons, Emme 39 - Statz, Melody
40 - Thompson, Daphne 80 - Warner, Charlotte 78 - Wendorf, Petra
77 - West, Serena 79 - Yocum, Kate
12U Group 2 - 3:30-4:25
41 - Abdo, Lillian 44 - Burger, Claire 46 - Cooper, Lucie
47 - Fee, Stella 48 - Ferderer, Audrey 58 - Feyder, Winifred
51 - Geisz, Vivian 73 - Gustin, Gianna 56 - Kennedy, Ellen
63 - Northenscold, Mazelyn 65 - Ogle, Vivien 75 - Perkins, Vivian
66 - Rivera, Mia 69 - Scoll, Layla 72 - Ziegler, Kinley


Final teams will be posted on the EGFA website by no later than Sunday, March 13th.

An e-mail notification will be sent when teams are posted.

Team Determination

Players are assigned to an age level (10U, 12U, etc.) based on birth year. There will normally be players from three school grades at any one age level.

As numbers permit, one or more teams will be formed for each age group.

The Board will determine the make-up of the teams depending on the talent level involved with the input from coaches and independent evaluators. 

Ideal team size is targeted for 12 players.  However, actual team size may vary due to total players registered at each age level.

If registration numbers reflect the formation of only one team at a level, the Board may vote to not require tryouts for that level.

Generally the following will apply:

10U - the decision on level of play, “Black” (A division), “Sting” (B division) as well as the level the team will be registered with the league (A, B, C) will be evaluated each year by the Team Formation Committee and approved by the Executive Board.  This decision can be related to numbers, general talent and/or pitchers and catchers. Player distribution at 10U will be at the discretion of the Board.

12U and up - Assuming there are enough players to form 2 teams, there will be a “Black” (A division) team followed by a “Sting” (B division) team. The level the team will be registered with the league (A, B, C) will be evaluated each year by the Team Formation Committee and approved by the Executive Board. Selection of players for the “Black” (A division) team will be determined by the criteria established under the team selection and tryout sections.

While not restricted to the “Black” (A division) teams, the “Sting” (B division) teams are more likely to play a heavier schedule of tournaments, play tougher competition, practice more often and may attend an out of town tournament.

Team Selection

The intent of EGFA for its Travel program is to field the most competitive travel teams possible. In order to accomplish this, players must participate in a skill evaluation and selection process.

Teams are selected based on the following: 

Selection from eligible players based on tryouts (see tryout criteria)

Players desiring to “play up” if the guidelines are met

Players from outside the eligibility area if needed to field a team (see eligibility)

Coaches available

Team selection is the ultimate decision of the Board. A committee may be appointed to review tryouts and all other available information and select teams, subject to Executive Board approval. This committee may include potential coaches at that age group but will always include at least one Board member (without daughters at that age group) to ensure a fair process is followed in team selection.


Players are eligible to participate in the EGFA program subject to the following criteria:

Resident of Edina school district or current/registered student of Edina schools

Non-residents may be allowed to play in the travel program if the Board determines that:

Additional players are needed at a particular age group


To provide a team with needed pitching and/or catching


To grandfather players who have played with EGFA in previous year(s).

Paid all applicable registration fees or applied for Financial Assistance.

Completed and returned all required forms, including any signed waivers and commitment forms required.

Must meet age guidelines. This is determined by ASA rules. Current rules are based on the age as of December 31st of the current calendar year (summer season) and for the fall season, it is the age as of the following December 31st(i.e. age for next summer season).

Playing Up

Playing in another age group is not permitted except for circumstances approved by the governing Board.

If players are needed at the next age level as a result of position play (i.e.: pitcher, catcher) or team size, the Board will identify player(s) to be invited to play up. Consideration will be made regarding impact to teams at the player’s actual age level.

The Board can make exceptions to the above on a case-by-case basis. Any changes must be approved by majority vote of the Board members, excluding any Board member parent of the player. 

A new team will not necessarily be created in order to accommodate players at the higher age level.

After evaluations (tryouts), the Board will take all information into consideration and make a final decision.