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Player Uniforms and Apparel

EGFA Update - Jerseys for 2020 Seasons

Jerseys have been ordered and will be given to all players signed up for the 2020 spring/summer season.  These jerseys will also be used for Fall Ball.  

Edina Fastpitch Uniforms

We are excited to continue with our player uniform design below.

Player Jersey Number

Player jersey number rules for 10U and Up:

  1. Should a player leave the program, jersey numbers will be released back in the queue.
  2. Families with multiple family members playing and at different age levels can keep siblings number.
  3. Assigned player numbers must be separated by a minimum of 2 years.
  4. Season column updated after each Spring/Summer season.
  5. Generic 10U, 12U, and 14U jersey numbers are extra jerseys for coaches bags and are not available.

Please click on the tile to the right to access the current jersey numbers and available jersey numbers.  If your child does not have a jersey number an available number will be assigned at the Parent Player Meeting.

Jersey Numbers

Current Availability

EGFA Uniform and Apparel Order

During the beginning of each new Spring/Summer Season we open up the EGFA Store for apparel and uniform orders. If you are new to EGFA, you will be assigned a uniform number at, or after, the Parent-Player meeting.  The available numbers are located in the Jersey Number link at the top of the page.  

We also plan to open the EGFA Store mid-summer and prior to the holidays for additional apparel orders. 

Required uniform items are jersey, knickers or full length softball pants, and belt (you may use green belt from previous years).  Please email Matt Boudjouk with questions.

Mandatory purchase for 8U: black pants (shirt is already purchased with registration), socks style is parents’ choice if calf length pants 

Mandatory purchase for 10U: jersey and pants for 1st year 10s or new to spring 10U. 

If calf length pants are purchased, Edina Softball socks are mandatory. 2nd year returning 10s, jersey only.

Mandatory purchase for 12U: Jersey only. If we have a new player to 12U, they'll need to purchase new style pants. If calf length pants are purchased, Edina Softball socks are mandatory.

Apparel is available to order for all families and age groups.

Please note: Click on the Signature Concepts order link located to the right to place your order. If needed, you can contact Joe Schutts at 952-979-1327 for a fitting.


Uniform /Apparel

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