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EGFA In-Season Leaderboard

The EGFA Leaderboard is a program for players to compete against other EGFA players by earning points for activities outside of practice that will help with their development (i.e. throwing, batting, and pitching).  The top 5 overall from each age group (8U and 10U) at the end of the spring/summer season will earn prizes and recognition from EGFA.  

Click on the images below to record your activity (honor system).  The leaderboard will be updated on a bi-weekly basis.  The activity will be recorded from the beginning of April 1st (retroactively) through June 30th.

Prizes include (Bath Bomb, Hornet Spin Pin, Certificate, T-Shirt, etc.).  More prizes to be announced.  

New Prizes:

1. Valleyfair 4 Admission Passes (2 passes for the top leader of each age group).

2. $10 gift card to Dairy Queen (1 for each age group).

Executive board members' family members are not eligible to receive top prizes. 

10U Leaderboard

Name (Last, First Initial) Point Total
1. Willette, M. 116
2. Weigle, A. 29.5
3. Richter, A. 24
4. Boudjouk, G. 18.5
4. Boudjouk, C. 18.5
5. Miller, E. 12
6. Bailey, J. 8
7. Brinkman, O. 7
8. Best, C. 4
9. Hornig, E. 2.5
10. Black, V. 2

8U Leaderboard

Name (Last, First Initial) Point Total
1. Burk, J. 44
2. Erickson, E. 18
3. Boudjouk, L. 12.5
4. Olson, I. 1.5
5. Doebbert, E. .5

EGFA Leaderboard


EGFA Leaderboard


EGFA Leaderboard