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Financial Assistance Program for Registration

  1. All families requesting Financial Assistance/Scholarship consideration must complete the Financial Assistance application (link below) on the Edina Girls Fastpitch Association “EGFA” website by the designated due date during the annual registration period. 
  2. Financial Assistance is designated for Spring/Summer registration only.  Fall ball is not covered as part of this program.
  3. Applicants may apply for partial assistance, a payment plan, or a combination of the two.
  4. As part of the EGFA’s annual budget, the association will determine a dollar amount that will be set aside for financial assistance. The total amount of the assistance that is awarded cannot exceed the amount budgeted.
  5. Financial assistance is designed to help families get through periods of financial stress.  This program is not designated as an annual subsidy, and is limited to three (3) years per player. The assistance/scholarships provided only covers the base registration fees. The maximum assistance provided will be 50% of the base registration fees in year 1, 50% in year 2, and 25% in year 3. The policy does not cover any team assessments. An exception could be granted for unforeseen financial hardship on the applicant’s family, if approved by the EGFA’s Financial Assistance/Scholarship Approval Committee, Presidents/Vice-Presidents, Secretary, and the Treasurer. The amount of the Financial Assistance cannot exceed the total registration cost of the Player.
  6. Financial Assistance will NOT cover personal equipment such as (and not limited to), softball mitts, cleats, fielder's masks, and helmets (which are required for all players).  Financial Assistance does not cover costs that are optional to all players such as pitching clinics, summer softball camps, or winter training options.
  7. Preference will be given to those applicants whose families qualify for public assistance programs such as school lunch subsidies, medical assistance and unemployment insurance.
  8. Families who do not fulfill their financial assistance obligation (EGFA Mayfly volunteer commitment and payment plan as specified and documented by the EGFA) will not be eligible for aid in subsequent years.
  9. Financial assistance is provided at the sole discretion of the Executive Board of the Edina Girls Fastpitch Association (President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer).  The Executive Board has discretion to provide additional individual financial assistance provided they don't exceed the board budgeted amount.  Upon acceptance you will be notified of your approval. All information is kept confidential.


Please contact (this email address is monitored by the executive committee):