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Interested in becoming an Umpire?

ASA Umpire Program

If you are interested in becoming an Umpire for EGFA we will reimburse you for your Umpire Registration Fee after your fourth officiated ballgame.  This is also eligible for our CSL program.  EGFA will also provide the use of the Umpire gear.  In order to become an official Umpire the following description must be performed (this can be found at

The ASA umpire program is among the nation's largest officiating organizations with over 35,000 officials actively involved each year. ASA officials are nationally recognized as the best trained and proficient in the sport and are involved in competition starting with league play, city, state and national championships. Ultimately, ASA umpires could officiate events such as world championship, Pan American and Olympic competitions.

The ASA annually hosts local, state and national umpire clinics which literally blanket the nation and bring the best instruction available in the sport to every region. Over the last decade, the Amateur Softball Association's umpire program has become an innovator in the production of quality training materials. When a clinic is not available - videos, books, slides and other instructional aids allow instruction to continue. Visit as a one stop shop for all your ASA Umpire Apparel and Equipment needs.

If you would like to umpire ASA softball games this summer you will need to complete a few tasks.


  1. Register with Minnesota ASA (New Registration Form)
  2. ASA Umpire Examination for Fast Pitch
  3. Complete Minnesota Concussion Training 
  4. Pay your Minnesota ASA registration fee (Adult Umpire) or
  5. Pay your Umpire Registration Fee (Youth Umpire - Under the age of 18)
  6. Attend one of the Umpire Clinics (MANDATORY) listed at or an ASA National Umpire School or the Minnesota ASA State Umpire School in Duluth.

*Note Adult aged umpire fee is $70. Youth umpires (kids that actually umpire) pay a fee of $50.

Once you have completed these tasks you are eligible to umpire ASA softball in Minnesota for every discipline including slow pitch.