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MN Breakers

Minnesota Breakers was formed several years ago in hopes of creating a home for softball players and their families seeking knowledgeable, passionate and caring coaches who will meet the coaching needs of each player on the team.

The Breakers coaches place top priority to teaching the game, teaching how to be a great teammate, and the value of discipline in all aspects of life. The name Breakers has two meanings, 1) it represents those who will not let life’s setbacks stand in the way of reaching their goals and 2) and bring back memories of the waves at Laguna Beach in sunny Southern California. The colors blue and gold represent the warrior that emerges inside of us when we choose to face obstacles in life and defeat them.

The Minnesota Breakers is not just another club team, though from the outside it will look like it. For those who choose to have the courage to step into the Breaker mentality will, as I often say, hate me now, love me later! Learning to push and endure through the elements and one’s own mind will always produce the warrior inside of us throughout our life’s journey and hopefully be passed on to the next generation.